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    Perfect Fries for Delivery

SuperCrunch Delivery Fries

SuperCrunch Fries

Aviko's Super Crunch chips and fries taste delicious, they also stay hot and crunchy for longer to provide the perfect solution for home delivery and reducing food waste in busy kitchens.

We recently undertook some tests to show you how good Super Crunch are. Even after 20 minutes simulated delivery, Aviko SuperCrunch were still hot and crunchy. This is due to them being coated in our unique, gluten-free batter. By adding the coating, our SuperCrunch fries have more crust than uncoated fries. This thicker crust acts like a barrier for moisture, preventing moisture penetration into the crust. This moisture management is beneficial for both heat and crunch retention. We are confident that SuperCrunch coated fries are the best fries in the market for delivery.

If you're looking for superior chips & fries that stand up to delivery, then SuperCrunch are perfect for you. Request a sample to see for yourself.

SuperCrunch Shoestring Fries

SuperCrunch Shoestring

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SuperCrunch Thin Cut Fries

SuperCrunch Thin Cut

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SuperCrunch Thin Cut Skin On Fries

SuperCrunch Thin Cut - Skin On

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SuperCrunch Thick Cut Chips

SuperCrunch Thick Cut

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Sweet Potato Fries

We've put our coating technology to good use and our Sweet Potato Fries perform fantastically for delivery thanks to their long hold time. They are also the best tasting fries out there which is really important for a premium product that customers want and are willing to pay more for. Find out for yourself by requesting a sample.

Premium Crunch

Aviko's Premium Crunch Fries were designed for the fast food industry so have been tested and developed specifically for the delivery market. With a crisp gluten-free coating ensuring great heat retention and a consistent quality, they arrive at your customers homes in perfectly. Try Premium Crunch by requesting a sample.

Home Delivery Report

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All of our delivery fries are listed below, delve a little further to find out ingredients, allergens, cooking instructions, and pack and case sizes.

Kebabs with Steakhouse chips

Kebabs with Steakhouse chips

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Vegan Dirty Dogs

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Fries with Spicy Bean and Guacamole Topping

Fries with Spicy Bean and Guacamole Topping

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