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Delivery is the fastest growing foodservice channel. The past year has accelerated this growth that was previous driven by lifestyle changes and trends like urbanisation, digitisation, and ultra-convenience. With more availability via delivery aggregators, and greater variety of cuisines, customers expect restaurant-quality meals delivered to their homes.

Aviko wants to help you grow your home delivery business by first and foremost, providing you with the right products, that taste great, are profitable for you, and importantly perform well under delivery conditions. Further to ensuring you have the right products, we will also be using our global network and resources to bring you tips, advice, events, and offers across packaging, marketing, and serving suggestions to help you stand out and boss the delivery channel.

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Fries that stay hot and crunchy

Ensure your customers receive the best tasting fries at home by using SuperCrunch. Available in a range of cut sizes, they stay hotter and crunchier for longer thanks to their patented gluten-free coating. Find out more about SuperCrunch and Aviko's other delivery ready fries.

SuperCrunch Delivery Fries

Super Crunch Testimonials

Boost profits with add-ons

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Use Aviko's appetiser range to offer distinctive sides, snacks, and loaders to encourage customers to spend more with you. Perfect for sharing, LTOs, and to premiumise existing menu items, Aviko appetisers travel well and are ideal for delivery.

Aviko Appetiser Range

Wedges for lunch and beyond

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Wedges are another great product for delivery thanks to their heat retention. They also appeal to the lunch time trade due to their healthier perception. Perfect with pizzas and other well-loved takeaways, try Aviko's range of wedges to see the possibilities.

Aviko Wedges Range

Versatile Mashed Potato

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A staple for the classics, Mashed Potato is a perfect ingredient for delivery menus. Simply use as a side, a pie topper for the family, or create profitable and easy to make mash bowls to satisfy lunch time diners, healthy eaters and those wanting some proper comfort food.

Quick & Convenient Mash


Pad Thai Loaded Fries

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Cajun Chicken Dirty Fries

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Carne Asada Chips

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Grow your home delivery business News

  • Development Chef for Burger & Lobster, Kenneth Tyrrell, talks about Burger & Lobster and why they choose to serve Aviko SuperCrunch across all of their sites.

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  • Super skinny fries have arrived. These 6mm fries are available in skin-on and skin-off and provide you with the brilliance of SuperCrunch – quality, length spec, and superior heat retention and crunchiness. Perfect for takeaway and delivery.

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  • Stand out from the crowd, attract new customers, and sell more food, with our free restaurant marketing service, The Marketing Studio.

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  • Our Appetisers
    Aviko Appetisers Introduction Thumb

    Perfect as a side, sharer, or snack, our range of appetisers are high quality, taste great, and profitable. Watch the video for more info.

  • SuperCrunch Thin Skin On
    Supercrunch Thin Cut Skin On Intro Thumb

    SuperCrunch are the best fries on the market. These thin cut skin-on SuperCrunch can help elevate your dishes and get customers coming back for more.

  • Street Food Sides
    Street Food Sides Overview Thumb

    From mac n cheese triangles to habanero nuggets, these street food inspired sides will deliight your customers.

  • Premium Crunch Fries
    Premium Crunch Intro Thumb

    Fries designed for fast food, perfect for delivery and busy takeaways thanks to their ability to stay hot and crunchy for longer.

  • Super Longs
    Super Longs Range Intro Thumb

    Super Longs are premium longer fries giving you more portions per bag which means more profit for you. They taste fantastic too.

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