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Aviko's Mash was the first frozen product to be endorsed by the Craft Guild of Chefs, all varieties of our Mash were rigorously tested by Craft Guild chefs, including one working in a pub with banqueting facilities. The endorsement goes to show the high quality of our mashed potato products.

Mashed Potato is a versatile product that you can use as a side, pie topper or even as the base for main meals, see our Mash Bowls concept.

Aviko's Frozen Mash provides obvious savings in the kitchen, such as preparation time, but because it's frozen and portionable, waste is minimal. Easy and convenient, your kitchen staff can create brilliance, safe in the knowledge that the mash is perfect and consistent, every time.
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Watch chef David Girault explain why he loves Aviko Mash.

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Grasp the Burgeoning Lunch Market

Introducing Mash Bowls

Just Eat released stats recently showing that lunch delivery orders grew 80% year on year. We've come up with a perfect solution to meet this growing trend and provide your customers with a delicious and distinctive meal. Mash Bowls, they tick so many boxes: healthy, quick and convenient to make, versatile, and profitable.

Simply mix ingredients to with your mash and serve in a bowl, you can produce endless variations, veggie, meat, fish, world flavours, and you can even let customers build their own.

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Perfect Mashed Potato Lunch Pots

Find out more about Aviko's Mashed Potatoes

All of our mashed potatoes are listed below, delve a little further to find out ingredients, allergens, cooking instructions, and pack and case sizes.

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Perfect Mashed Potato News

  • Head Chef, David Girault, explains how he uses Aviko Mash to create these wonderful Mash Bowls.

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  • Just Eat just announced figures showing increased demand for takeaways during the lockdown. Orders grew 33% year on year (YOY) in April and May, which in reality is no surprise considering the closure of restaurants and pubs.

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  • In order to try and provide some assistance to an industry that is showing a great deal of resolve, entrepreneurship, agility and honour, Aviko and Flipdish have joined forces with an exclusive offer to help get fast food & takeaway outlets, restaura..

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