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Potato Wedges

Potato Wedges

The more people order food for delivery, the more they want variety, and Aviko's wedges let you offer this. With a homemade look and plenty of flavours, from Spicy to Mega Wedges, Aviko's wedges have a long hold time, work perfectly with sharing platters, and are the perfect accompaniment to pizza.

Add them to your home delivery menu, or serve them in your restaurant to create a great tasting rustic side, sharer or loaded delight. 

Aviko Jacket Wedges

Skin On Jacket Wedges

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Aviko Spicy Jacket Wedges

Spicy Jacket Wedges

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Aviko Piri Piri Wedges

Piri Piri Wedges

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Aviko Mega Wedges

Mega Wedges

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Find out more about Aviko's Potato Wedges

All of our wedges are listed below, delve a little further to find out ingredients, allergens, cooking instructions, and pack and case sizes.

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