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Aviko Delivery Perfect Products

We are all aware of the huge impact Coronavirus is causing the foodservice industry. Delivery is now the number one route for customers.

What makes a good food delivery product? Amongst other things;

  • Quick to cook - speed is of the essence in peak evening times.
  • Consistent quality & taste - with less time to scrutinise your cooking you need suppliers like Aviko who you can rely on with every chip or side.
  • Coatings to keep products warm and crispy - delivery times can often cause products to lose heat and go soggy. Not all coatings are created equal - Aviko are experts in coatings and batter science. 

Taking the key ingredients for what makes an excellent food delivery product here's a list of products from Aviko, all perfect for home delivery.

Coated Fries for Delivery

Delivery Fries & Chips

Coated fries, skins on, shoestring and lots more. Aviko chips and fries stay hotter and crunchier for longer thanks to their superior coating.

Premium Coated Fries

Appetisers, sides, snacks, and sharers for home delivery

Sides, Snacks & Sharers

Aviko's range of appetisers are perfect sides, snacks and sharers and are perfect for delivery due to their hold time. With plenty of choice, mix and match for deals or load to burgers, wraps or fries to boost profits.

Appetiser products

See something you like?

Aviko's delivery products are listed below, if you see something you like and want to see how well they perform, request a sample and we'll arrange for a complementary box to be sent to you.

Food Photoshoot Competition

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