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Ask your fast food suppliers about Aviko

Aviko are fast food specialists, supplying fries, chips and appetisers to takeaways and quick service restaurants throughout the UK & Ireland.

We pride ourselves on the quality and consistency of our products and take delight in providing fast food businesses with fries, chips & appetiser solutions for consumers eating out and ordering home delivery.

Take a closer look at our range of Premium Fries to see how you can save money with longer fries, or how our Premium & Super Crunch ranges stay hotter and crunchier for longer.

Our Appetisers give you a great solution to add variety to your takeaway. Innovate your menu with a fries and appetiser combo for meal deals, add-ons and on-the-go snacks and use appetisers like our chilli cheese bites to top burgers, kebabs & wraps to add premium fast food options.

Don't forget the power of the hash brown! A national favourite and a useful ingredient for fast food restaurants to use for breakfast and to add to meals for more depth and flavour whilst premiumising food to generate extra profit for your takeaways.

Fast Food Suppliers

Size Matters!

We tested our Super Longs fast food fries against 3 competing brands to show how longer fries save takeaways money.

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Takeaway fries for home delivery

Delivery Ready

Aviko Premium Crunch & Super Crunch fries are coated fries designed to help fast food operators ensure delivered fries arrive hot and crispy.

Home delivery fries

Aviko fast food customers include...

Aviko Fast Food Customers

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Hash Brown Nachos

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Fries with Spicy Bean and Guacamole Topping

Fries with Spicy Bean and Guacamole Topping

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QSR / Fast Food News

  • A premium fry that can save you money. That’s exactly what Super Longs are. We recently ran several tests to compare our 9.5mm Super Longs fries with three well-known competing brands to show that longer fries will positively impact upon your bottom ..

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  • Chesters Distribution tested Aviko Super Longs against a well-known competitor to show their chain of Chicken shops Super Longs' superior portion yield.

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  • Want to see our products in action? Why not sign up for a free demonstration in your kitchen!

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