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14 Vegan Facts for Restaurant Operators

Posted on 08/01/2020

This article focusing on the history and continued rise of veganism & vegetarianism is an extract from our 2020 Food Trends Report. Get the full report delivered to your inbox by filling in your details.

The Evolution of the Meat Free Market in the UK

We all know about the rise in the number of vegans and vegetarians as it's covered a great deal in the news. We've looked at the reports, statistics and history of vegetarians and vegans to bring you 14 facts to help you decide upon your vegan and veggie menu offerings.

This article is an extract from our 2020 Food Trends Report, fill in the form to get the full report to your inbox.

UK Vegan and Vegetarian Food Industry Stats

  • 1847 The Vegetarian Society was established
  • 1961:  The first Cranks opened at 22 Carnaby Street, London
  • 2014:  UK registered charity Veganuary launched to encourage people worldwide to try veganism
  • 2014-2017:  The share of products featuring a vegan or no animal products label nearly doubled
  • 2018: According to a Compare the Market survey, there were 3.5 million vegans in the UK
  • 2023:  Value sales of meat-free market forecast to increase by 44% or £1.1 billion by 2023
  • 2029:  Barclays estimate that the market for alternative meat could grow by 1,000% over the next 10 years; reaching $140 billion by 2029

Why are people giving up meat?

Vegan food has been the rising trend of the decade and it shows no signs of abating, here are the top three perceived benefits of eating less meat:

Why are people giving up meat?

It's not just vegans and vegetarians, meet the flexitarians.

Recently christened as 'flexitarians',  those who are actively seeking to cut down on their meat intake also seriously consider meat-free alternatives from restaurants. Factors, mentioned above, are prompting meat lovers to down their bacon and burgers in favour of imitation or simply veggie dishes in order to improve health or save the world. These numbers add up and present great opportunities for foodservice outlets to appeal to new customers.

Flexitarians -are -the -new -buzz -word

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