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5 EPOS for Restaurants

Posted on 13/05/2020

Are you interested in optimising your efficiency? Whether you are the owner of a pub, restaurant, café, or fast food outlet, purchasing electronic point of sale (EPOS) software is an effective technology that can help all businesses see an increase in sales revenue. This article looks at the different EPOS for restaurants available in the UK.

EPOS software's can help your business become more efficient by:

  • Keeping track of stock levels to ensure you never run out of what you need
  • Organise table layouts so that all staff are aware of bookings for the evening
  • Keeping your restaurant up to date on technological trends (i.e. ordering with tablets) contributes towards a positive dining experience for your customer (food is delivered quicker), which promotes repeated sales.


Prices: From £79 per month. iPads, £99 per item.

Lightspeed Restaurant EPOS System

Lightspeed hospitality is one of the most advanced software solutions out there. It's all an in one system that can be tailored for food establishments of all sizes. It uses cloud technology, but operations can take place offline with the purchase of Lite Server.

Orders are taken table side via an electronic tablet which is directly sent to the kitchen, creating a faster turnaround so customers get food quicker, everybody wins.

The technology lightspeed use is advanced and requires staff training to fully utilise the platform. Lightspeed have a good customer service rating. Their helpline is open 24/7 and they have video tutorials on their website to help restaurant operators use their product effectively.  

For more information on Lightspeed, visit:


Prices: £30 per month (including VAT), with 30 day free trial. Or a one off payment of £1,199

EPOS Now Restaurant EPOS Software

With over 30,000 customers, Epos Now is one of the most common EPOS systems in the UK.

Its USP is that it's extremely straight forward to use, claiming that it takes only a matter of minutes to train your staff. Their existing users have enjoyed a 30% increase in operational speed and noticed fewer human errors leading to a reduction in costs.

Customer service improvements have been made, and they now offer a 24/7 helpline and video tutorials on how to use the platform.

The software can run via iPad, Android, Mac and PC and can be managed off and online.

The terminal, cash drawer and receipt printer is included within the package, they install the equipment and brief you on how to use its core features. For example, the advanced table plan, which enables you to digitally reflect your table layout and synchronises in real-time across your devices and tablets.

Although Epos Now claim their software is suitable for businesses of different sizes, online reviews have criticised its capabilities for larger sized businesses. The software has been described as 'too basic'. It is worth assessing your restaurants plans for future growth before deciding on Epos Now.

For more information on Epos Now, visit:

The Good Till Co Hospitality

Prices: iPad based POS System from £29 per month. Extra modules cost between £9-£29 per month. 

EPOS for Restaurants

The Good Till Co Hospitality solution offers a customised service. Its customers can add extra modules to fit their business model. This means that it can serve restaurants of different varieties and sizes.

The initial purchase of the Core POS Module starts from £29 per month and includes a range of features like staff clock in/out reports and customer management. Each additional module cost between £9-£29 per month.

For larger restaurants, you could end up adding a lot of modules like, Kitchen Display Screen, Hospitality (essential), Advanced Stock and Advanced Promotions making the total cost more expensive.

However, online reviews and extremely positive about the software and their customer service seems to be extremely helpful should you encounter any problems. Free demos available.

For more information on The Good Till Hospitality, visit:

JeM point of sale

Prices: Kits range from £299-£1,159 per annum, plus VAT or £39 per month.

JeM POS software takeaways and restaurants

A technologically advanced software that claims to serve restaurants of all sizes. The UK's first EPOS system powered by Artificial Intelligence; the software can map out profitable moves for your restaurant based on previous sales pattern analysis.

Unsurprisingly, the tech works offline as well as online. When online, the software works on iPads whereby orders are made instantly, achieving an overall faster service.

Its all in one system includes contactless chip and pin, self-ordering devices to help cut queue time and costs, POS till, mobile ordering, barcode scanner, AI powered sales, and a kitchen display system.

Their support system is good. They offer a 24/7 customer service line to deal with any queries and offer support from their staff to tailor the technology to your restaurant for optimum output.

 For more information on JeM point of sale, visit -

Touch Bistro

Prices: Solo 1- £49 per month. Group 2-3 - £45 per month. Team 4-9 - £40 per month (each additional license)

Touch Bistro EPOS platform for restaurants

The Toronto-based company can be tailored to restaurants, quick service, pubs, and food trucks. Touch Bistro's technology can help owners make efficient business decisions, for example, it will highlight the most profitable food items on the success reports from which you can run promotions to help optimise profitability. Reports are produced frequently and automatically. Key features like inventory and staff management will help your business improve its efficiency.

The software works offline, all you need to do is download the Touch Bistro App to stay connected when you're not around. The software will help you smooth general business activity with functionality such as, being able to take orders at the table, manage your table plan, and load your menus with the correct images/allergen advice.

Touch Bistro offer their expertise in guiding you through their software and installation of hardware. Their customer service is open 24/7 and your restaurant data is updated daily, protected and stored in the cloud. 

For more information on Touch Bristo, visit -


The restaurant EPOS software listed above all look to have great functionality, when deciding on the right POS software for your business, it is important to consider the following factors.

  • How much you are willing to spend, taking into account that the purchase of an EPOS system is an investment.
  • The size of your business and its targets for growth. A more technical software will benefit larger businesses, but you will want a software that is dependable for the long term. For example, if your business later on decides that it wants to offer a takeaway service, can the software become adaptable to fit this.  
  • The customer service quality, especially if you are new to this type of software.

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