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Essential Beer Food Pairings

Posted on 07/04/2021

The public have missed their pub grub and what better way to welcome them back with some great beer food pairings. The popularity of craft beers, pre Covid was booming, so we’ve had a look at different beers to see what flavour profiles they work well with to help you plan menus, and advise your returning customers.

Beer and food pairings

Light Larger

Light lager

A traditional companion to curry, crisp, ice-cool lagers love spicy food. Generally, these beers don't have overpowering flavours though so they can be real all-rounders, the effervescence also goes perfectly with lighter dishes like salads or pizza. Pair Aviko Tomato Mozzarella Sticks with any light lager for an appetizing combination.

Amber Ale

Amber lager

With the refreshing carbonation of a lager but much heavier maltiness, Amber Lager sits well with more powerful flavours like blue cheese or a rich beef stew. These versatile beers could work brilliantly with a sharing platter, but in particular Aviko Beer Battered Onion Rings or Cream & Cheese Jalapeno Snacks would be perfect.

Wheat Beer

Wheat beer

Often sweet with spicy and floral notes, wheat beers will pair perfectly with herbs, spices as well as fresh vegetables. Consider dishes flavoured with parsley or coriander like tabbouleh, chimichurri, or salsa verde. Indulgently delicious Aviko Spicy Sweet Corn Bites or Burgers would be the ideal side dish with a wheat beer.


India pale ale (IPA)

The intense citrus hoppiness of IPAs make them perfect company for spicy, rich and fatty flavours. Barbecue food or hot wings would mix well with the bitter aromas present in these flavourful beers. Aviko Habanero Cheese Nuggets have a distinctive look and surprisingly spicy flavour that would be ideal with an IPA.


American pale ale (APA)

With slightly less intense hops than an IPA but more of a malty finish, APAs work perfectly with mature cheeses and grilled meats, so in other words, the American Pale Ale is born for a burger. Another American classic ideal for these beers would be Aviko Mac & Cheese Triangles, they're crispy moreish and deliciously on trend.

Stout Porter

Porters and Stouts

Dark in colour and deep in complex flavours, porters and stouts can be creamy, sweet and chocolatey or bitter like coffee. That mosaic of subtle scents works well with smoky, slow cooked dishes like braised meats or pies. A great match would be a meat dish alongside Aviko's luxurious Sweet Potato Gratins.

Fruit Beer

Fruit beers

Light and summery, packed with juicy fruit and often a touch of botanical perfume, fruit beers are ideal for seafood, salads or light cheeses. Calamari or a chicken caesar salad could make the perfect companion for one of these beers, or a side of creamy and herby Aviko Philadelphia Crispy Snacks.

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Habanero Cheese Nuggets

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Mac N Cheese Triangles

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