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Choosing the best fries for your business

Posted on 18/09/2020

Fries & chips come in all different shapes and sizes and each pair to specific meals across the foodservice industry. With so many variations to fries and chips, it is important you choose the best fries for your business.

Here at Aviko, we have delved deeper into our product range to explore suitable fries pairings. The article will take a look at Shoestring fries (7mm), the standard thin cut fries (9.5mm), thick cut chips (15mm) and Steakhouse Cut chips.

Shoestring Fries - 7mm

As you can probably tell by the name, these particular fries are long and thin in appearance but have a crispy texture to them. They only take 2 ½ - 3 minutes to fry so make sure they are one of the last things you prepare before service. If you're looking for cripsy, then these are the best fries for you.

Typically, family friendly restaurants in the casual dining sector enjoy using these fries, they are offered as an alternative to standard thin cut fries. 

Best fries for casual dining 

The 7mm fries can be served work well as a bar snack for two or more persons whilst they enjoy a drink. They are great to serve as a side and your customers will love them with a Mediterranean salad or falafel wrap. As mentioned previously, these fries are usually served as an alternative to normal fries, they can be paired with most meals in the casual dining sector. 

Standard Thin Cut Fries- 9.5mm

The most popular fry out of them all. The Standard Thin Cut are around 9.5mm thick and are the most versatile from the Aviko product range. They only take 3 - 3 ½ minutes to prepare. If you're looking for the best fries for that authentic French fries feel, then 9.5mm thin cut are for you.

You will find these fries in most fast food and casual dining restaurants. When coated, they are extremely reliable as they hold their crunch for up to 30 minutes whilst still delivering that potato taste. To find out more on why it is so important to use coated fries click here. 

They are the best for loaded fries recipes, Indian takeaways and all fast food restaurants.

Best fries for loading and fast food 

Thick Cut Chips - 15mm, 18mm

Unsurprisingly, these fries are thicker in appearance. The Aviko Supercrunch Chunky Chips have a gluten-free coating for extra crunch and have a longer holding time compared to non coated chunky chips. If you want a chip to accompany traditional dishes, then thick cut chips are the best fries for you.

These chips are best suited for pubs, whether that be at lunch, with a main or even a pint! They go well with ciabatta sandwiches with a small side salad, gourmet burgers and pies. They are also perfect for fish and chip shops as you get that soft potato taste after that addictive crunch. As they are coated, fish and chip shops and pubs can take advantage of the growing home delivery opportunity as they stay crispy on delivery.

Best fries for traditional dishes 

For more information on our Supercrunch Chunky Fries, click here.

Steakhouse Chips

You guessed it, these chips are best suited for all kinds of steafor steakks. They take slightly longer to cook, between 3-5 minutes in the fryer. You will find these chips in steakhouse restaurants and gastro pubs.

Best fries for loading and fast food 

They also taste amazing with a cauliflower steak, watch this recipe video to see more.

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"During the pandemic our business has been reliant on delivery. Aviko's SuperCrunch fries retain their quality better than any other fries we've looked at. Not only that, but we've been extremely happy with the consistency of size, quality, flavour and appearance that we see day in and day out; again, easily surpassing every other fry we've tried."

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