Case Study: Chesters Fast Food Distribution

Posted on 20/06/2014

Chesters Fast Food Distribution was founded ten years ago by Mozambique-born, food industry veteran Khalid Yussuf to plug several gaps in the market.

It's a mix of quality halal fast food that caters for everyone, a one-stop shop amalgamating the  perennial favourites of fried chicken, burger and pizza, and a grill that feeds the trend for healthier, more wholesome alternatives such as grilled chicken, wraps and rice dishes.

There was just one thing letting the side down - the fries they were using were failing dismally to keep their crunch on home deliveries, which form 40% of Chesters' business.  So ten months ago, Chesters turned to us for help with its flagging fries and found the quality, consistency and crispness they needed in our Julienne, Supercrunch and - especially - our premium Superlongs options.

We've helped refresh Chesters' added-value menu, giving more premium options to help staff upsell the menu - such as Battered Onion Rings, Spicy Potato Wedges and Hash Browns - meaning more profit for Chesters and more choice for customers.

For more information on how we helped Chesters watch the video on our You Tube channel.