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Cash In Your Chips with Aviko and McCormick

Posted on 18/02/2016

Operators stand to generate up to a massive 87% profit per portion of chips* by pairing Aviko’s Premium Fries with Schwartz Chip Seasoning from McCormick Flavour Solutions.

The impressive profit potential has been calculated as part of the joint 'Cash In Your Chips' campaign, created to highlight the opportunities for caterers that trade up their fries. By switching from standard chips to Aviko's Premium Fries - such as Supercrunch, Superlong or Sweet Potato Fries - and then adding a sprinkling of Schwartz Chip Seasoning - a blend of spices including paprika and black pepper - caterers can easily turn a plain portion of chips into a side of gourmet fries. Not only does this provide a tasty twist to satisfy the appetite of even the most discerning chip lover, but for the caterer it's an ideal opportunity to upsell and increase profits.

Mohammed Essa, General Manager, Aviko UK & Ireland, comments: "We're not asking caterers to take a gamble here, it's a win-win situation and the sums clearly stack up. Caterers can charge 48p more for a serving of our Premium Fries versus regular chips, plus 25p extra for adding Chip Seasoning - that's over 70p more per portion! With fries accounting for a massive 73% of the servings of potato products in the foodservice market**, it really is time to cash in your chips!"

The profit potential is based on Aviko's Superlongs, frozen fries which, as their name suggests, are longer than average chips. This provides a greater plate fill, and, therefore, more portions per kilogram while providing consumers with a more premium option.

Schwartz Chip Seasoning, which is available in a 300g shaker jar and can be sprinkled over cooked chips before serving.

Al Thaker, McCormick Marketing Manager, adds: "With consumers always on the lookout for new flavours, adding seasoned chips to the menu is a great way for operators to satisfy demand while boosting average spend.

"We're extremely excited to be teaming up with Aviko to bring a new flavour dimension to a staple and popular product. By combining our expertise in seasonings with a premium brand of fries, caterers can tap into a huge revenue and profit potential that they're otherwise missing out on."

To celebrate this profit making partnership, Aviko and McCormick are offering caterers the opportunity to cash in their chips for real and win a trip for two to the casino capital of the world, Las Vegas. Caterers simply need to visit between Monday 1st February and midday on Friday 1st April and fill in their details to enter the free prize draw.

*A full breakdown of how the calculation has been worked out can be found by visiting

** AHDB Potatoes


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