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Consumers Want More Sweet Potato

Posted on 28/09/2017

Our latest insight shows 66% of UK consumers do not think there are enough sweet potato options on menus*. With such strong consumer demand, this poses an opportunity for operators to increase their sweet potato offerings with exciting options that consumers will be willing to pay more for.

We've seen sweet potato grow in popularity out-of-home in recent years - as demonstrated by the success of our Sweet Potato Fries - and our latest research shows that this will continue. We have found that around 85% of UK consumers would choose a sweet potato side dish over a regular potato side dish*, so there is really no better time to consider updating your menus.

While the fries will remain a popular menu item, the demand for innovation means sweet potato will find its way onto menus in different forms. Our brand new Sweet Potato Gratins help chefs to not only meet the demand for sweet potato sides, but also add value to their menus by offering a premium product with a real point of difference.

Freshly made, the Sweet Potato Gratin combines layers of beautifully sliced sweet potatoes with creamy Emmental cheese. Individually frozen to save prep time and perfectly portioned for regular plate coverage, this vibrant side is an effortless way to add a premium sweet potato side to your menu.

To request a product trial for Sweet Potato Gratin, click here.

*Aviko August 2017 

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