• Crop Update Q2 2014

Crop Update Q2 2014

Posted on 20/06/2014

The 2013 crop was late due to a severe winter and low temperatures that lasted till May, meaning the early crop was only available in the second half of July. Spring 2014 however shows a totally different situation – a winter without much frost or snow was succeeded by an early spring with relatively high temperatures in March and April.

This enabled early plantings and resulted in an earlier than expected 2014 crop. Planting conditions have been ideal and the crop is developing well - two weeks earlier than normal, the fields of the main crop potatoes are closed.

The first estimates of the acreages of the EU-5 countries predict an increase of approximately 3%. This situation of slightly increased acreages also applies to the US, our biggest competitor in the world market of frozen potato products.

The potato, as we all know, is a weather-dependant commodity, and with climate reports stating more and more extremes in weather conditions, it's possible the main crop to be harvested in September and October could drown or dry, resulting in moderate or top yields. In that respect, early June is far too soon to draw any conclusions about yields and prices of a crop that has a growing season of more than four months ahead.