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Crop Update September 2015

Posted on 30/09/2015

The first production lines in the Aviko factories started to process the new crop of potatoes in week 29, around two weeks later than normal due to a late spring, low temperatures and drought in various regions causing a delayed harvest.

In addition, weather conditions in various growing regions resulted in diverse yields and generally smaller tubers than usual. As a result, the yield expectations of the EU-5 potato crop were adjusted slightly at the beginning of the month and, as published by the Northwest European Potato Growers, are now estimated at 24.5 million tonnes - 4 million tonnes below the huge 2014 crop figure and 700,000 tonnes below the 5 year average. It's important to keep in mind, however, that some crops still have the potential to grow. 

The abundant rainfall towards the end of August, following the hot, dry periods of previous months, have resulted in lower dry matters across many potato varieties.

In most fields, plants are maturing and farmers are slowly starting to spray and finish the crop, afraid to wait longer and risk wet and difficult harvesting conditions throughout October.

Based on today's situation, we expect a below average yield, with smaller tuber lengths from the sandy soils until February and average tuber lengths from the clay soils in the second half of the crop year.

After months of hot and dry conditions, the August rainfall was more than we had hoped for.

We should be cautious with potato predictions before the crop is harvested and stored. 

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