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Posted on 24/03/2020

We are all aware of the huge impact Coronavirus is causing the foodservice industry. Delivery is now the number one route for customers

What makes a good food delivery product? Amongst other things;

  • Quick to cook - speed is of the essence in peak evening times.
  • Consistent quality & taste - with less time to scrutinise your cooking you need suppliers like Aviko who you can rely on with every chip or side.
  • Coatings to keep products warm and crispy - delivery times can often cause products to lose heat and go soggy. Not all coatings are created equal - Aviko are experts in coatings and batter science. 

Taking the key ingredients for what makes an excellent food delivery product here's a list of products from Aviko, all perfect for home delivery:

Coated Chips & Fries

Coated Chips and Fries for Delivery

Coated chips and fries that are perfect for delivery as they retain their heat and crunch really well. A perfect use for these is to offer a range of loaded fries, they travel well and are enjoyed by customers.

Check out our coated fries range

Super Crunch Delivery Fries

Super Crunch

Hot and Crunchy on Delivery

Super Crunch are premium quality coated chips and fries that are specially designed to stay hotter and crunchier for longer. Perfect for home delivery.

More Super Crunch info
Premium Crunch Fast Food Fries

Premium Crunch

Fast Food Fries

Premium Crunch are designed for the fast food sector and are coated fast food fries designed to stay hot and crunchy for longer.

More Premium Crunch info
Delivery Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet Potato Fries

Longer hold time that competitors

With a longer hold time than competitors, Aviko Sweet Potato Fries are ideal for home delivery. They are also a great way to increase profits as a premium extra, for example tiger fries, or as an upgrade to regular fries. They are also perfect to load with lighter ingredients to create healthier options for customers looking for more delivery options.

Sweet Potato Fries

Sides, Snacks & Sharers - Maximise your delivery sales

Sides, Snacks and Sharers for Delivery

Take a look through Aviko's appetiser range, they are all ideal for home delivery and give you a profitable add on to your delivery menu. Also acting as a flexible ingredient to add to salads, wraps and to mix and match for family sharers.

Aviko Sides, Snacks & Sharers

Mac N Cheese Triangles good for delivery

Mac N Cheese Triangles

With an extra thick and crispy coating that keeps the heat in, the Mac N Cheese Triangles are perfect as a side, loaded, or served as part of a sharing or meal deal.

Mac N Cheese Triangles
Hash Browns perfect for delivery and breakfast

Hash Browns

Hash browns are great for breakfast, to load or as a burger topper. Aviko Hash Browns also have a long hold time.

Hash Brown Range
Foodservice street food for delivery

Habanero Cheese Nuggets

With a distinctive red colour and a spicy bite, Aviko Habanero Cheese Nuggets retain their heat well so are perfect for delivery. They work as a vibrant side, part of a meal deal or as a sharer.

Habanero Cheese Nuggets
Vegan food for delivery

Spicy Sweetcorn Bites

With chunks of juicy sweet corn and flecks of bell pepper, these vegan snacks are encased in a delicious crispy coating that travels well and keeps heat in. Vegans & meat eaters alike will enjoy the subtle spices of this side, snack and sharer.

Spicy Sweet Corn Bites
Tomato & Mozzarella fingers for delivery

Tomato & Mozzarella Bites

Cheese, tomato and oregano, it's a match made in heaven. Add a herbed breadcrumb coating and you have the perfect accompaniment to pizzas, burgers, wraps, or even to use as a topper or to dip.

Tomato & Mozzarella Bites

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