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Did You Know...

Posted on 26/03/2015

We all love the humble spud, but how much do you actually know about potatoes and their production? Archaeological excavations revealed the potato existed 13,000 years ago in parts of South America, including Chile, and 8,000 years ago in Peru. Today, the potato is the plant with the largest number of wild and cultivated varieties throughout the world.

Rich in nutrients, potatoes contain no fat and have half the number of calories compared to rice and pasta. Consisting of 80% water, the potato contains essential minerals, vitamins and fibres - including potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and calcium - as well as starch in the form of complex carbohydrates. It also contains vitamin B and a large amount of vitamin C, comparable with most types of fruit, meaning it fits perfectly into a healthy lifestyle.

Interesting fact!The potato is the plant most suited to feeding the growing world population - not only because it is easy to grow, but also because the yields have more nutritional value per hectare and require less water than corn or rice.

Our Potatoes

We work with over 1,000 potato growers to bring the best products to you and your customers. We use a range of potato varieties to ensure high quality across our range -considering taste, texture and preparation before deciding which is the most suitable for each product.

Before a potato is processed by Aviko, it must meet very strict demands:

  • It must have a good tuber shape and length
  • It must have good dry matter distribution
  • It does not contain sugars that brown
  • It is not susceptible to grey discoloration
  • It does not have any diseases or faults

Which Potato?

The Bintje - known for years as the ultimate potato variety in the Netherlands, the Bintje remained popular until problems arose with its cultivation and it became susceptible to a soil-borne disease. The popularity of quick-service restaurants in Europe also meant an increasing demand for longer fries - the Bintje was considered too short so new varieties took over.

The Agria - with a long oval shape, this potato was developed specifically for the production of fries. When fried, the Agria has the beautiful golden colour preferred in Western Europe and is, along with its sister species the Victoria, the potato of choice for making fries in the foodservice, retail and cafeteria sectors.

The Innovator - the ultimate potato for French Fries, with a long, white flesh tuber, the Innovator is the favourite amongst worldwide quick-service restaurant chains. As the name suggests, the Innovator is a more recent variety that replaced some previous types to offer better characteristics and is not susceptible to disease, making it both tasty and reliable.

As a natural product, the quality of potatoes varies per growing season. During the production process however,parameters can be adjusted, so even when the crop has been exposed to extreme weather conditions, Aviko can guarantee a final product of exceptional quality. For more information on potato crops and our production methods visit our information pages