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Enhance your Christmas Menus with Gastro Gratins

Posted on 13/12/2017

With consumers increasingly looking for something different on Christmas menus, our Gastro Gratin’s will give your dishes the edge to help maximise profits over the festive season.

The premium potato side is made using only the finest ingredients including creamy Godminster Mature Cheddar Cheese, steam blanched sliced potatoes, as well as ingredients like rosemary and thyme - making these flavoursome , hand-finished gratins the easy way to upgrade potato sides and wow customers.

Adding quality innovative touches to your Christmas menu opens up a wider variety of choice and can command a higher price point. The Gastro Gratins will not only have stand-out on menus as a delicious side, but they can also be added to other ingredients, such as salmon, meat or vegetables, before placing in the oven.

Full of flavour, highly convenient and extremely versatile, the gratins can be cooked from frozen to order and guarantee a perfect result. With a holding time of 60 minutes they're especially ideal for the Christmas period lending themselves well to a busy service, large volume banquet or event catering. With the added bonus of being gluten-free and vegetarian there's also no need to worry about special dietary needs.

Available from all good wholesalers, the gratins also come conveniently packed for a lower price point and minimize storage needs.

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