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Entrepreneurial Spirit...

Posted on 28/03/2014

I recently watched a report from a bustling South East Asia food market showing merchants conducting their daily business, making and selling food. It reminded me of why I am such a firm believer in food and capitalism.

People will always need food to live and companies will always exist to service that demand, whilst of course aiming to make a profit. Closer to home, Britain's entrepreneurial power houses can be found in London and the South East, followed closely by Birmingham and Manchester. Recently there has been a high level of new businesses recorded in South Yorkshire, the Midlands and Scotland, with British entrepreneurs overall forming a record number of new businesses in 2013. According to Government statistics, micro and small businesses represent 95% of all companies and employ more than seven million people in the UK.

These figures were certainly representative of the turnout we experienced at the first Casual Dining Show on the 26th & 27th of February this year. Along with my colleagues, I manned the stand at the show for the two days and met many entrepreneurs running successful businesses and looking to expand. There were also many visitors looking to open their first business, be it a new gastro pub, restaurant or food kiosk. Having looked at the data captured over the two days, we found that the greatest number of attendees were from the South East (unsurprisingly for a show based in Islington I suppose). However, these entrepreneurs are true revolutionaries; they start the revolution in one locale and expand from there, so given time, these South East based operators will doubtlessly spread their wings further afield across the UK.

As entrepreneurs they are not alone, as they need partners who share their vision and can assist them in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Our role is to be part of this ecosystem and help to nurture and develop it. We need to engage, excite, and empower the entrepreneurial spirit, demonstrating commitment to new and growing businesses, helping to set the stage for the next phase of ventures and programs designed to help drive our economy post-recession.

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Mohammed Essa

General Manager
Aviko UKI