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Feeling Festive

Posted on 14/12/2015

For most of you, the run up to Christmas is the busiest time of year. With the excessive number of parties over the festive period, expectations are high and consumers quickly become bored with the traditional offering. This can leave operators under a great deal of pressure - not only to serve quality food in high volume with limited waste, but also to keep menus fresh and unique in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Our range of gratins - including Premium Gratins, Mini Gratins and Gratin Dauphinois - offers an exciting way to serve potatoes and keep Christmas menus fresh.

Our Premium Gratins are available in three flavors - Creamy Cheese, French Herbs and Rustic Vegetable - and simply require heating before serving for a dish that is full of flavour, highly convenient and extremely versatile.

Made using thinly sliced potatoes, Creamy Cheese Gratin lives up to its name with a delicious rich and creamy cheese sauce featuring 40% extra cream. French Herbs Gratin is made using 'Herbes de Provence' and garlic for a truly authentic taste, while Aviko's Rustic Vegetable Gratin combines freshly diced carrot, swede and parsnip blended with a creamy herb sauce.

Aviko's Premium Gratins are ready to heat and serve, making the ideal accompaniment to a festive meal, and can even be cooked straight through the packaging for a no-mess, no-fuss menu solution.

Tested by chefs throughout the foodservice market, our Mini Gratins with Parsnip & Jerusalem Artichoke and Mini Gratins with Asparagus & Parmesan make a delicious starter or accompaniment to a main course. Ready in just 12 minutes using a convection oven, or 20 minutes in a traditional oven, our hassle-free Mini Gratins are the perfect way of ensuring top-quality food no matter the party size.  Both of our hassle-free Mini Gratin varieties have received endorsement from the Craft Guild of Chefs - a testament to the consistently high quality they offer.

Our Gratin Dauphinois are ideal for busy kitchens, easing the inevitable pressure that kitchens are under during the Christmas period, without compromising on taste. Made with 40% extra cream, they can add a real point of difference to your festive menu.