• Food for thought

Food for thought

Posted on 11/03/2013

What a difference the last six months has made in the global agri-markets where we have seen most food commodity prices increase to levels only experienced two years ago. Notably, the world potato market has risen to levels last seen during the 2010/11 crop.

This time however, the demand for potatoes has held up relatively well. There are many factors at play here; connected global supply chains (where the crop across the Atlantic has an impact on production processing in Europe and vice versa), a boom in QSR chains in China (just look at the growth of YUM!), India & other emerging markets and an ever-increasing global diet change as more people enter the middle income territory and demand better quality foods.

With these changes come a number of challenges for suppliers including a growing shortage of good quality arable land, farmers opting to grow less risk-sensitive crops, demand for more sustainable supply chains and making better use of our natural resources. Another factor influencing the market is the outcome of debate on GMO crops and whether the European Union should take the same "eyes open" position as our colleagues in the United States. There is also the issue of supply chain transparency recently highlighted by the horsemeat scandal which, whilst engulfing anybody dealing with red meat products, identified the reliable and trusted supply companies within the industry. As we move further into our 51st year of business, we will continue to overcome any challenges we are faced with to ensure there is high demand for the many great quality products we supply!
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Mohammed Essa,
General Manager
Aviko UK