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Foodservice Business Trends Report 2022

Posted on 13/01/2022

This year our annual deep dive into the trends which will impact on your business comes in four parts. Take a closer look at our second 2022 report here. Our series also covers foodservice trends in flavour, marketing and consumer desires.

This year our Food Trends report is split into 4 sections giving a deeper insight into the areas that will have a profound impact on your foodservice business; Consumer, Flavour, Marketing and in this section we will take a closer look at Foodservice Business Trends.

The last 2 years have tested the foodservice sectors resolve, but in the midst of all this also accelerating growing trends like home delivery whilst creating new opportunities for operators in ghost kitchens.

As we see a new exciting landscape for foodservice emerge the foundations on which hospitality is built on is facing a crisis - staffing. In this report we will take an in depth look at steps that businesses can take to help navigate through the restaurant staffing crisis.

Also in this report is guidance on how to respond to consumers growing environmental concerns. 

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