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Posted on 25/08/2020

Providing personalisation is an easy and effective way to make your customers feel special, every time they order for home delivery. Our booster kit involves a range of tools which you can use to personalise each order, a surprise your customer will absolutely love.

Be quick! We are only giving away 100 booster kits, so you don't want to sleep on this one. Find out more about the kits and why they are so important in the rest of this blog and claim your free one today.

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What are they?

Personalised Note For Home Delivered Food

Foodservice has seen a ginormous surge in home delivery as of late. In fact, JustEat orders grew a whopping 33% year on year in April and May, Therefore, it is important to give your customers that extra special feel with each order they place from your business.

Personalised Tags Aviko

Our booster kits do just that! With every order, you can personalise the packaging for your customer. The kits are made up of the following;

  • Takeaway boxes
  • Stickers
  • A small card for a special message 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to add value to your home delivery offer, the kits are a must for your business.

Why personalise?

Firstly, it is extremely easy to do. All you need to know is the customer's name which is usually given when the order has been made, then you can create your message. Personalisation lets you engage directly with each of your customers which will build customer loyalty. As well as the food you serve, your business will be known for the personalised messages which can give you a competitive advantage.

Building relationships with customers is not as easy due to COVID-19 where face to face contact is not as frequent as it once was. Therefore, additional personal written touches promote a positive memorable experience for your customers which can lead to an array of advantages. Your customer is more likely to order from you again, recommend your business to family/friends and post your food on social media altogether, contributing towards a growth in sales.

What are you waiting for?

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