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Game Food Ideas for Euro 2021

Posted on 09/06/2021

It’s coming home, it’s coming home, partially anyway for a lot of teams competing in this year’s European Football Championship. If you’re planning on boosting sales by showing the football, here’s some great snack and sharing ideas to squeeze a few more pennies from your punters.

Mix up your game food with personalisation

Allowing customers to personalise their dish to their own taste is a great way to keep them happy and enthused about their experience with you. It's also a great way to diversify your menu with manageable base ingredients to keep costs down and preparation simple.

A great example of this is a loaders menu. Start with a base, some toppings, and then sauces and extras. Here's an example idea of a loaders menu to get you thinking.

Personalisation Menu Game Food Euro 21

Sharing Boards

Game Food Sharing Platters

Upgrade those bar snacks with some quick and easy sharing boards. Combine quick to prepare ingredients and include options to satisfy spicy, cheese, meat, veg, and bread tastes to keep everyone happy. If groups of friends are coming to watch the football chances are they're going to be peckish.

We've got a range of appetisers that would be perfect as they're quick to prepare and delicious. Mix it up with Italian style mozzarella bites, spicy habanero nuggets, and cheesy mac 'n' cheese triangles.

Swapping around ingredients means you can create 2 or 3 sharing boards for the footy fans to devour as they take in the game without investing in lots of ingredients. High margin for your profits.

Create some nationality themed menus

The Euros give you an opportunity to do something fun such as picking a few nationalities and creating a game food menu, some ideas include:

Euro Themed Game Food Chip Cutty

England: Classic chip butty

Euro Themed Game Food Italian Themed

Italy: Tomato & oregano mozzarella bites with rich tomato sauce

Euro Themed Game Food Spanish Churros

Spain: Churros with chocolate and hazelnut dips

Euro Themed Game Food Currywurst

Germany: Currywurst

Beer & Snack Combos

If you're a pub and a lot of your custom during games will be wet led, then why not look at introducing a beer and snacks menu to increase your revenue. Think of it as a tapas style menu with small and inexpensive snacks. Similar to the sharing board idea, make them smaller individual portions from £3-£5 to tempt customers to order a couple of snacks along with their pints.

You could even do combo deals for example 2 pints and 2 snacks for £15.

Look at high margin products that are quick to prepare, either beforehand or fryer based. Onion rings, jalapeno snacks and fries would all work really well. Serve with some interesting dips and you've got a tempting menu for customers to spend a little bit more money with you.

Beer And Snack Combos Game Food

Good luck

If you're showing the games we hope you have fun and business booms. Try some game food options to boost revenue. Whoever you're supporting, be it Wales, Scotland, England, or North Macedonia, we hope it's an enjoyable tournament.

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