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Get your menu summer-ready

Posted on 28/06/2018

With this summer set to be one of the warmest in recent years, consumers will be taking advantage of the nice weather and dining out – making it a prime opportunity to increase your profits. Here are our top tips for getting your menu summer-ready:

  • It's all about sharing

    Summer lends itself well to social eating and sharing platters are an ideal way to effortlessly satisfy groups of diners. Handheld options are key when offering platters and it's a good idea to give plenty of variety - including meat, fish, vegetable, cheese and potato based snacks - in order to appeal to all.

  • Go Alfresco

    Good weather traditionally favours operators with outside dining areas and food sales often soar when the sun comes out. If you have the space, one way to make the most of this is by providing a barbecue. This will appeal to consumers who are looking for an experience when dining out and if you let them pick 'n' mix their items you can also meet the demand for personalisation.

  • Let your Sides Shine

    Getting your sides right can make all the difference to boosting sales throughout the summer. There is no denying that potatoes have mass appeal and work well with the majority of summer classics from burgers and pizzas to salads and wraps. Our extensive range including Premium Crunch Fast Food Fries, Sweet Potato Diced, Gastro Gratins and Sweet Potato Fries can help you stand out from the crowd and get your profits sizzling.

We hope this summer proves to be a huge success for your business and as ever we are always happy to receive your feedback/suggestions/ideas. Please feel free to get in touch with me directly at or through our customer service centre at

Best wishes,

Mohammed Essa,
Commercial Director
Aviko UK & Ireland