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Gourmet Hot Dog Recipe Ideas

Posted on 16/11/2021

Just like the ever-popular Hamburger, Hot Dogs are always in season. They make a great addition to menus at any time of the year and can easily be made more enticing to your customers with a few fun toppings or extra flavours.

There are also some fantastic meat-free sausage products out there right now to offer vegetarian or vegan choices, plus with our crispy and delicious churros you can even make your hot dog into a dessert item.

Our Senior Food Consultant, and certified foodie, Paul Halliwell has designed some great recipes for gourmet dogs which you can watch below. So whether you're looking for meaty, veggie or dessert ideas you'll love these dogs with a difference!


Click the links below to view Paul's recipe videos:

Savoury Gourmet Hot Recipe Ideas

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Vegan Gourmet Hot Dog Recipe Ideas

Youtube Thumb 2


Gourmet Dessert Hot Dog Recipe Idea

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