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How can you use healthy takeaway recipes to win customers?

Posted on 21/11/2019

Health and wellbeing is a big topic and connects with what we, as a population, eat. Environmental concerns, legislation, such as the sugar tax, and health focused consumers mean that it is important for fast-food restaurants and takeaways to provide healthy alternatives to attract customers throughout the week. Aviko has been looking into health fast-food recipes that could open new opportunities and give you some ideas to help win customers and improve profits.

The importance of the Fast-Health Trend

  • 41% of Generation Z (born between 1995-2015) and 32% of Millennials (born between 1980-1994) would "pay a premium for sustainably sourced ingredients" according to data and information organisation Nielsen.
  • The UK government is working with local authorities to help provide healthier options in local establishments. A guidance booklet has been produced.
  • Planning policies designed to restrict the opening of new takeaways are more likely to be successful if these are clearly linked to local evidence-based policies to promote health and wellbeing.

Why your takeaway needs healthy options

While delicious kebabs and double cheeseburgers will always be an appealing option for customers on a weekend, many customers look to be a little more health focused during the week. This means that lunch times and weekday evenings might be discounted as an appealing option when people seek their meal fix.

Health lunch salad

Lunch time provides great opportunities for fast food restaurants and takeaways to offer 'lite' and healthier options to attract professionals who are seeking something different to a bog-standard sandwich for their lunch. The fact that people will pay a premium for healthy food also means that by catering for the health conscious you could positively impact your takeaway's margins and profits.

Weekday evenings are also ideal for healthy dishes, the basic psychology of British society means that come Monday, many people are wanting to be kind to their bodies after the weekend's indulgence. Those who are cash rich and time poor look for easy and healthy meal solutions during the week and your restaurant could provide them with the meal they're craving, again helping to win new customers and increase sales.

To help you look into healthy recipes for your takeaway, we've come up with a number of low-calorie ideas that you can use or tweak to tempt customers who are more reserved when it comes to indulgence.

Healthy Takeaway Recipes

Better-for-you Loaded Fries

better for you loaded fries

This vegan friendly loaded sweet potato fries dish is so easy. Pre-mix the chickpea and tomato topping and you have very little to do other than to cook your fries and put it together. The healthy takeaway recipe is only 457 calories and gives you another vegetarian dish to offer this growing market segment. The ingredients are low in cost meaning you can also make a healthy return on a premium offer to customers.

Loaded fries recipe

Sticky Chicken Skewers with Aviko Wedges

low calorie fast food recipe

The meal only takes 10 minutes to cook and is low on calories with only 307 per serving (190 skewer/117 wedges. Grilling chicken as opposed to frying is a great way to keep calories down and serving a small portion (90g) of Aviko wedges complements the skewers perfectly. The recipe above is suited for 6 servings however this recipe can easily be expanded to cater for larger number.  

See the full recipe

Grilled Sticky BBQ Chicken Salad with Herb Diced Potatoes

healthy chicken salad

This entire dish comes in under 500 calories, just 492 to be exact, and is sure to be a winner with your customers. A nice balanced dish with protein, carbohydrates and salad, the Grilled Chicken Salad is quick and easy to prepare and uses most of the items you'd usually purchase so there's no need for radical kitchen changes.

Pop up eatery 'Box Chicken' was set up as an experiment to see if healthy fast-food options could compete with the popular fried chicken outlets in areas of London. They served Caribbean chicken, Spanish chicken, Peri Peri chicken and a Veg box. 1,362 portions were sold in only 4 weeks, 28% of which were sold to schoolchildren and the rest adults proving that there is a demand for healthier alternatives across different demographics when marketed effectively (i.e. 50p off at lunchtime).

Full healthy takeaway recipe

Firecracker Peppers Loaded Skins

firecracker peppers loaded potato skins

The firecracker skins recipe is perfect as a snack to go or an additional extra with a meal. They are very easy to prepare with the topping pre-parepared by your team and then frying the skins, loading and grilling for a few minutes. The recipe listed above comes in at 533 calories so gives you an opportunity to offer customers a healthy option for lunch or during the week when indulgence is not on the agenda. The potato skins are extremely adaptable, the Aviko website has many different recipes;  Curried Chickpea & Spinach,  Vegan Guacamole, and  Smashed Pea & Smoked Salmon.

See the full recipe

If you go healthy, tell people about it!

The statistics say a good proportion of the population are seeking to eat healthier and that gives you the opportunity to makes some changes to your menu to include low-calorie, vegan & vegetarian dishes to your menu. If you do decide to venture in this direction, make sure you shout about it, use social media, your website and point of sale to let potential customers know about your delicious and healthy takeaway recipes. With the right food and the right message, you could see new revenue opportunities from a new set of happy customers.

Carry on the conversation

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