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Posted on 27/08/2020

The hospitality sector is one of the sectors most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Even with the lockdown easing in the UK, hoteliers, pubs and restaurateurs face challenging times. In response to this, Aviko has put together the Home Delivery Report focusing on the transformative role home delivery can play in helping to boost your restaurant bounce back.

This article talks about what's included in the report, which is part one of two. The Home Delivery Report is free, all you need to do is fill in your details for it to be delivered direct to your inbox:

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What's in the Home Delivery Report

Part one of the Home Delivery report focuses on the foodservice market and takes in customer surveys, market reports, and combines this information with advice and tips to help you boss the food delivery channel and use it boost your restaurant's profits. Topics include:

  • Ready for reopening: A recap of the measures restaurants need to take to reopen and the limitations faced from new legislation and shifting customer dining habits.
  • Changing consumer behaviour: We look at how life has changed since lockdown for consumers and investigate foreign markets, that are ahead of the UK, to see what the foodservice sector can learn from abroad.
  • Home delivery stats: Using statistics and insights from the market the report takes stock of how home delivery has fared in 2020.
  • Consumer dining habits: We asked consumers about their behaviours and what is important to them in terms of eating out and home delivery and report back the new dining habits of customers.
  • What do consumers want from home delivered food? Competing in the digital landscape has positives and negatives, but ensuring you cater for your customer's needs will help to increase your chances of success. The report uses customer survey data to detail what customers want from home delivered food across all meal occasions.
  • Opportunities in the home delivery channel: Using a mix of statistics, customer surveys, and experience, the report details the opportunities for restauranteurs within the home delivery channel.
  • How to reach your customers: From digital marketing channels, to customer loyalty and retention, the Home Delivery Report details ways to help you reach new customers, improve your margins and profits, and focuses on helping you to increase customer loyalty and the frequency of customer orders.

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