• It's time for Tiger Fries

It's time for Tiger Fries

Posted on 11/03/2013

Move over Easter Bunny, it’s time for Tiger Fries Kids eat with their eyes, so it's no wonder that many outlets make special provisions when catering for young diners, especially during seasonal periods.

The decision of where a family chooses to eat will, more often than not, be dictated by the needs of the children, so it pays to give attention to getting your menu just right. To help you out, why not try our latest serving suggestion - Tiger Fries -sure to go down a storm on kids' menus this Easter time and really brighten your menu offering. A mix of Aviko's Sweet Potato Fries and premium 'Skin-On' Superlongs, there are a number of benefits to offering this type of concept - most notably adding a touch of theatre and fun to family dining menus. Better still, Sweet Potato Fries offer a real point of difference for all diners, with a huge 74%* saying they would order these if they were offered on a menu.
*Toluna consumer research 201