• Make a sensible choice this Silly Season

Make a sensible choice this Silly Season

Posted on 17/12/2012

With temperatures plummeting and the sound of Slade seemingly everywhere, it can only mean one thing: Christmas is upon us! So begins the foodservice silly season, with chefs and caterers run off their feet at this famously busy time of year.

Getting your Christmas menu right is crucial and we all know that delicious crunchy roast potatoes can make all the difference. One way to alleviate some of the pressure is for caterers to use Aviko Roast Potatoes. Ready in minutes, they are convenient and delicious, leaving you time to concentrate on getting the rest of your Christmas dinner just right.

Endorsed by the prestigious Craft Guild of Chefs, these crispy golden potatoes guarantee a premium taste. In fact, in a blind taste test against the market-leading brand, Aviko Roast Potatoes won hands down with all 10 Craft Guild of Chefs members preferring our spuds. Chosen on their superior taste, texture and appearance, they were unanimously preferred to the better known brand. One member of the Craft Guild of Chefs summed up their appeal by commenting "they taste great and are the closest thing to making it from scratch" while another said they were "no hassle to prepare and perfect for large events".

Aviko Roast Potatoes are made from specially selected potatoes cut into third and half segments and deliver a delicious crunch every time. They can be oven baked to perfection in as little as 20 minutes and offer a consistent quality that is as good as home-made. They're the simply way to ensure meals are turned around quickly, eliminating unwanted delays and keeping unnecessary and costly wastage to a minimum. In short they are the sensible choice this silly season! Find out more and request a free sample!