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How to maximise foodservice opportunities in 2022

Posted on 08/02/2022

As restrictions ease across the UK and footfall in city centres begins to return to pre-pandemic levels, hospitality venues have the chance to capitalise on consumers ready to return to eating out. With competition between businesses as intense as ever though, how can pubs and restaurants stand out from the crowd to retain their regulars and win new customers?

1 Breakfast

Target office workers again

Whilst working from home looks set to continue in some form at least for most businesses, many workers are now returning to their office or place of work, and that represents a massive opportunity for foodservice to feed those hungry stomachs.

  • The daily commute is back on the cards and that means breakfast on the move. Could you offer a quick and easy grab and go breakfast to workers in a hurry?
    • Aviko Hash Brown Bites served with breakfast items like eggs, sausage, bacon or avocado make a fantastic fast food item.
  • A lunch hour treat for office workers can help break up the week. Consider a cheaper lunch menu that can be prepared easily so that customers can be served their food in a timely fashion.
    • Aviko SuperCrunch Fries are quick to prepare and can be turned into a meal by loading with delicious toppings like chilli, cheese or bacon.
  • Offering a happy hour for after work beverages can bring in punters who might then stay for food. Sharing dishes are perfect to serve alongside drinks for snacking consumers.
    • Aviko Appetisers are quick and easy to prepare with great profit margins, try serving a selection on a platter so that customers can graze.

 2 Brunch

Make an event of it

Special events and offers can get people excited about visiting your venue. Use your social media channels to advertise themed events or deals to get customers through the door.

  • Bottomless brunches are fantastic way to get customers booked in for a meal, and at a time of day when your restaurant may not be as busy as usual.
    • Try loading Aviko Hash Browns for a breakfast item with a difference.
  • Themed events or pop ups from brands can bring in customers that might not have discovered your venue yet. Why not partner with a new drinks brand for a night for example?
    • Match foods from your menu with different drinks, for something simple try cheese filled Aviko Appetisers go great with beers.

 3 Double

Add more upsells

Once you have customers in your venue it's time to ensure that you can maximise the profit from each table. Add upsells to your menu so that hungry customers can treat themselves to something a bit extra!

  • Salads with the option to add meat are a great way to offer vegetarian or vegan menu items that meat-eaters can order with additional chicken, egg or bacon for example.
    • Try Aviko Herb Diced Potatoes in a warm salad instead of a crouton, they go perfectly with a Nicoise!
  • Burgers are perfect for an upsell, offer extra toppings like egg, onion rings or another patty so that customers can pimp up their sandwich.
    • Aviko Beer Battered Onion Rings are delicious served either inside or alongside burgers
  • Desserts make the ideal add on, who doesn't like to end a meal with something sweet?
    • Crispy and delicious Aviko Straight Churros are quick to prepare and have great profit margins, serve alongside a hot caramel sauce or balls of ice cream.

Hopefully there are some useful ideas in this blog to help you maximise the opportunity as customers return to eating out in 2022! For more content like this please add your email address below to subscribe to our newsletter.