• New from Aviko: Sweet Potato Fries

New from Aviko: Sweet Potato Fries

Posted on 15/08/2012

At Aviko, we have spoken to UK consumers and an amazing 74% would order Sweet Potato Fries if they were on the menu. In addition to that, 76% think they would be great on a children's menu and most people (68% of respondents) view Sweet Potato Fries as a healthier menu option.

So - we proudly present Sweet Potato Fries as the latest addition to our range! Made from the Beauregard variety, grown in Carolina for the best climate. The unique steam-blanch process guarantees a vibrant colour, crispiness and helps to preserve natural sugars for a great flavour. Why not give them a try, you can order a free sample here or get in touch with our sales team here