New Gastronorm Gratin

Posted on 23/12/2016

Introducing our new Gastronorm Gratin, a great tasting and high quality side specifically developed to help caterers with the challenges they’re facing in the foodservice industry today.

With issues such as lower budgets, decreasing profit margins, unskilled workers and strict legal requirements all part of life in a commercial kitchen, a new generation of convenient and consistently high quality products that add value to menus is essential to ensure significant savings in time, labour and cost, without compromising taste or texture.

Made using slices of our popular Steam & Fresh potatoes with a traditional creamy sauce, the new Gastronorm Gratin offers fool-proof preparation from frozen, meaning caterers get perfect results every time. Simply serve with meat, chicken or fish and vegetables for a stand-out dish at lunch or dinner service. 

The new Gastronorm Gratin is available in 4 x 2.5kg cases, with a shelf life of 6 months, and can be prepared in the oven or combi-steamer.

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