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New Jacket Potatoes

Posted on 29/03/2016

With a crispy skin and soft fluffy centre, our new Jacket Potatoes – available in large and extra large – are ready to heat, top and serve, offering a consistently quality product ideal for the lunchtime rush.

Ready in just six minutes*, the pre-cooked British Jackets are slow baked in advance, serving up a speedier solution to the much loved, traditional jacket potato and ensuring a fresh oven-baked flavour every time. Plus, their versatility takes the headache out of menu planning - simply refresh menus with additional toppings, from classic cheese and beans or tuna mayonnaise, all the way through to gourmet spiced lamb or roasted vegetables.

The new Jackets are also frozen, meaning there's no need for caterers to worry about the quality of the potatoes which, as a natural product, can often vary month-to-month when using fresh produce. Aviko has a strict quality control process to make sure only the finest potatoes are used in all its products, so chefs and caterers have access to great quality potato products all year round.

Healthy, wholesome and ready in just a fraction of the time, our new Jacket Potatoes make a tasty addition to any menu - at lunchtime and beyond.

The large Jacket Potatoes are available in 4 x 1.5kg boxes and the extra large is available in 4 x 1.86kg boxes. Both can be heated in an oven, combi-steamer or microwave.

*Aviko's new Jacket Potatoes are ready in 6 mins (large) or 7mins (extra large) when heated in the microwave. 

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