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New Supercrunch

Posted on 09/12/2014

We’ve launched two new products in our premium fries range – the Supercrunch 15mm and the Supercrunch 9.5mm Skin-On – giving even more variety to caterers looking to offer chips with home-made appeal.

The Supercrunch range is not only gluten-free but also features an innovative coating that means consumers will enjoy a crispier, crunchy texture, while offering practical benefits to hotels, restaurants, pubs and fast-food outlets. It holds heat for up to 15 minutes, making it suitable for caterers who are under pressure to prepare food in a limited time and is also longer than the average fry, offering better plate fill. In addition, the Supercrunch range has a long shelf-life of up to 18 months which is a major bonus for caterers looking to minimise food wastage and maximise profits.

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