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Make your delivery menu stand out with delectable Gratins

Posted on 19/02/2021

Are you looking for something different for your delivery menu? Something that holds its heat, travels well, and delights customers? Aviko’s range of potato gratins offer exactly this.

Home delivery is the number one route to customers at the moment, and home delivery will continue to be an important channel even when restrictions ease and our liberty returns, so standing out with products that look and taste great, as well as performing well for rigorous delivery conditions is important.

Aviko Gratins, the perfect fit for delivery

Gratins offer your customers the ultimate indulgent treat, and help you add value and variation to your delivery menu. Where crunchy products come with delivery challenges, gratins are different. Due to the product composition, a portion of fresh gratin or a frozen individual gratin retains heat very well. As shown in the graph, the temperature of gratin in delivery packaging decreases very slowly. Even, after one hour the temperature can still be above 60°C when the gratins are heated properly and packed immediately after cooking.

Gratin Temp Graph

Meal kit ready

With the popularity of meal kits, you may have either embarked on this route, or are planning to. Gratin's are perfect for this, either as a warm at home, or cook at home option. You can serve them in a number of ways and are great for special occasions and end-of-week treats when customers want something special.

Potato Gratin Made For Delivery

Packaging and preparation tips for our potato gratins

Because of their long holding time and wow factor, Gratins are often used in banqueting. This advantage is also relevant and beneficial to your delivered food by ensuring it reaches your customer's homes in perfect condition. To make sure you choose the right product for your kitchen team and delivery menu, we've summarised the best preparations and packaging options for Aviko's Gratin range.

Gratin Packaging Preparation Advice

More information about our gratin range

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