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Potatoes are good for you as long as...

Posted on 03/07/2017

If we can achieve it the perfect balance in life is everything in moderation, especially when it comes to food. Eating excessively combined with little or no exercise will lead to weight gain and rising obesity levels.

As consumers it is our responsibility to be mindful of not only what we eat but how it's cooked. We know that most foods we consume are nutritious when eaten raw or prepared using healthier cooking methods such as grilling and steaming.

Potatoes like most other fruits and vegetables are good for us in moderation, and part of a balanced diet. Their versatility mean they can be enjoyed steamed, baked or roasted and on occasion enjoyed fried. As a nation chips remain our favourite potato dish but we are choosing to eat less year-on-year, switching to healthier options such as wedges which have seen substantial growth in recent years. That is not to say chips can't be eaten every so often, after all we Brits love our fish and chips!

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