• Premium Fries Infographic

Premium Fries Infographic

Posted on 28/03/2014

Having choice is a great thing, but sometimes when there’s a lot to choose from it can be confusing and time consuming . As ever at Aviko we like to make life easy for the chef or caterer, which is why we have recently launched our premium fries decison tree infographic on our website. It offers caterers a fun and interactive way to find the right fry for their business simply by answering a few quick questions.

With a fry for every menu occassion, it's the quick way to make sure you're serving the right premium fry for your business. Why not try it for yourself? All you have to do is follow the different question steps, click on your choice and it will lead you to your perfect fry and  handy link throughs to tell you more about the product you have selected.
Click here to give it a go!