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Quality Key to Cost Control & Increasing Profits

Posted on 18/08/2020

We know you take pride in the food you serve and want customers to enjoy every aspect of your dishes to ensure they keep them coming back for more and tell all their friends about you. With unprecedented times facing the foodservice industry, it might be tempting to reduce costs by opting for lower cost chips, but did you ever stop to think why their prices are going down?

We'll tell you why.

Lower cost chips are a false economy

In order to reduce chip prices, manufacturers are…

Reducing chip length specifications

Chip Lengths

Shorter chips might not seem like a big deal, but it has many implications. Every single potato used by Aviko is graded undergoing stringent size & quality checks, during the growing and storage season we analyse samples from batches from our network of growers to ensure our quality is right from the ground up. All Aviko chips have their own specification for which we select the right crop based on variety characteristics such as moisture content, frying colour, sugar content and importantly length.  

Using smaller potatoes and making concessions on potato grading will mean different characteristics all affecting the taste leading to dissatisfaction from your customers.

Shorter fries are also bad for your profits. They give you a much lower yield, essentially you need more weight to fill a portion which means you get less portions per case. So, say you save £0.50 on a box, you're actually costing your business a lot more through a lower portion yield. A false economy.

Cutting corners in the manufacturing process

Chip Manufacturing Process

The main cost of chips and fries is in the manufacturing process, in order to reduce their prices, some manufacturers are cutting corners in the manufacturing process; namely, reduced blanching time to remove excess water for the chips.

Failure to remove excess water from chips is bad news as great chips need good dry matter distribution. Excess water means that when fries and chips are being cooked, the water inside the chip evaporates leaving the chip hollow and dry, which is not a pleasant experience for your diners. Hollow chips also lose their heat quicker, meaning if you're delivering food, chances are the chips are going to arrive cold and soggy.

Excess water also has a major cost impact to your business, the excess water evaporating from the chips then goes into the fryer oil, meaning it becomes unusable more often so your restaurant has to change the oil more frequently; incurring considerable costs. A false economy.

It's only a chip

Poor Quality Review

Okay, we know you don't think that, as you no doubt take great pride in the food you serve, but getting every aspect of your meals right is so important, now more than ever. Delivery is playing a significant role in foodservice, competition is high and giving your customers the best possible meal experience is core to your business. Making sure your quality is perfect for your mains, sides, salads and everything else is imperative because:

  • Delivery is booming - Products and food need to stand up to the challenge of transit to arrive at your customer's homes in perfect condition.
  • Happy customers spend more - Knock the socks off your customers and they'll be coming back for more, it's much easier (and cheaper) to keep regular customers than win new ones.
  • Those customers talk! - You might serve the best steak a customer has ever had, but if they didn't like your chips, they are more likely to leave a negative review than a glowing one talking about your expert steak. Unfortunately, that's the world we live in, keep customers happy and they'll sing your praises and win you new customers. Because we're all connected now, reviews, social media, and digital channels can be your friend when your customers sing your praises.

Aviko; quality as standard

You can rest easy with Aviko, WE NEVER SACRIFICE QUALITY. Aviko is renowned for quality and have been working for close to 60 years ensuring that our products are consistently high quality, so that you can rest assured that your customers will be served the best chips, fries, and appetisers.

Chips and fries that stay hotter for longer, have a great length spec, good yields, and importantly taste and look fantastic. If you want to keep customers happy, save money by reducing waste, and deliver perfect chips to customer homes, then try our Premium Fries Range. See for yourself, request a sample.

Premium Fries Range

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