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Responsible Food: We Need More Action

Posted on 29/03/2016

Today, people care more about the origin of their food, the production process and knowing that it’s safe, than ever before – many even take pleasure in growing their own. Consumers understand the impact diet has on their health and can make better informed decisions regarding healthy, affordable and sustainable food. This demand is met by profitable, competitive, highly skilled and resilient farming, fishing and food businesses, supported by first class research and development.

As businesses and consumers, we can reduce the amount of food wasted in industrial food preparation and also in our homes. At home, we can plan quantities needed, store food to make sure it's safe while lasting as long as possible, and recycle or compost any waste that can't be avoided. In business, the government can work with the food sector to reduce the burden of regulation, provide assistance in the form of advice and tax breaks in research and development, as well as invest in scientific research and new production methods so we can grow more food.

We all have a responsibility towards the environment and the natural resources used to make consumables - farmers for example, can look at using less water or fertiliser. By turning research into practical applications, while sharing knowledge and best practice, we can improve productivity, competitiveness and sustainability.

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Mohammed Essa
General Manager
Aviko UKI