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Restaurant Talk Issue 4

Posted on 22/04/2021

Hello and welcome to issue 4 of Restaurant Talk. With outdoor hospitality reopen in England, and the rest of the UK due next week, things have certainly been looking a little rosier, here are some of the things that restaurants and pubs have been doing that caught our eye recently.

Drive in & eat in

Spice Village in Croydon came up with a unique way to offer customers a dining-in experience even with Covid restrictions in place. Blessed with a large car park, Spice Village created a unique tray-service that fits in any car window to offer their customers superb food, and a 'dine-in experience' from their own vehicle.

Savage review responses go viral

Oriental Express in Pudsey went viral thanks to boss Alice Cheung's barbed responses to negative reviews. She responds seriously to those with a legitimate grievance, but rather ferociously to those deemed false, such as, "The food was fresh and perfectly cooked. We are good but mind reading the stupid is not one of our skills." Although we wouldn't necessarily recommend this approach, it shows that having a strong personality can get your business attention.

American comfort food

Ramona is a new place in Manchester that has been creating quite a buzz. Specialising in Detroit style pizzas, that look amazing, the venue has been extremely popular for take away, but has now opened its outdoor space with campfire, margarita bar and live music from what was an old MOT centre. This is another great example of a more communally spirited dining experience like popular food halls.

Reducing food waste

Too Good To Go is an organisation specialising in managing food waste and claims to have saved the average restaurant $7 for every $1 spent on reducing kitchen food waste. With climate change a worrying topic and consumers becoming more and more environmentally conscious adding sustainability to your business values could not only help save you money, but attract a new group of customers.

Roll up, roll up, get your ticket!

Sister and Brother team Holly and Josh Eggleton are opening a new bistro in Bristol and are offering pre-paid tickets for meals. The Pony Bistro offers pre-paid Brunch at £45pp, lunch at £42.50 and dinner for £47.50. It's an interesting approach and great for managing the kitchen, we wonder if this will carry on after opening.

Making the most of outdoor space

We've seen loads of examples of brilliant use of outdoor space for the reopening of the hospitality sector. This one really caught our eye from Silktown Snooker Club in Macclesfield and although not actually a restaurant, this place is gaining lots of new customers that would not necessarily have frequented there prior to Covid. Investing in your outdoor space might be a short-term win, but long-term it will provide good opportunities within the spring and summer months.

That's it until next time folks

Thanks for reading and keep up the great work. There's a big month ahead for all of us, we wish you the best. If you've got anything to shout about or see something that you think would help your peers, let us know and we'll add it to the next edition of Restaurant Talk.

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