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The Rise of the Ethicurean: How ethical food can impact your restaurant

Posted on 20/01/2020

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What is an Ethicurean?

The official description is, 'a person who attempts to combine ethical food consumption with an interest in epicureanism, eating ethically without depriving oneself of taste.'

Basically, it's people who are concerned about the ethics of their food. People who will take the ethics of a product into consideration when making a purchase, someone who could be tempted by your ethical food products.

Why is the Ethical Consumer important to my restaurant?

When we talk about ethics, we mean the environmental impacts, how animals were treated, the treatment of workers, packaging, waste, recycling, all of the things that are important to Mother Earth. We are witnessing climate change first-hand and people are beginning to realise that they need to make changes, and this is being reflected in supply and demand. Both are growing.

How many Ethicureans are there?

Many of us could be classed as an Ethicurean, those who choose free range eggs, or prefer organic veg or take their refillable mug into their local coffee shop. It might not have been a conscious decision, but over time we have all become a little more Ethicurean in our shopping and food habits.

The numbers back this up. From 2013 to 2018, UK sales of ethical food and drink shot up by 43% from £5.7 billion to £8.2 billion with forecasts estimating a further 17% growth over the next few years.

Ethical Food Uk Sales

Large numbers of people are already shopping ethical as these figures show:

Ethicurean Shopping Habits

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