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Running Your Food Service Social Media Account During the Covid-19 Outbreak

Posted on 10/04/2020

With a large portion of the world quarantined in their homes looking for entertainment, social media has come to the forefront and is monopolising everyone’s attention more than ever. During this time brands have an opportunity to reach out to their customers to stay in touch and also find new people to engage with. When it comes to foodservice, many businesses are now closed for the time being or running a heavily reduced offering, but it still pays to keep on top of your online positioning.

Why Bother?

Staying front of mind

Are your regular customers craving that dine out experience, or treat takeaway more than at any other time? When the current crisis comes to an end it's important that all businesses put themselves in the best possible position to take advantage of the opportunity that will be there amongst a population of people ready to be out without social distancing restrictions. Taking that into account it's important to not let your customers forget who you are and what you do. Social media is the perfect way to stay front of mind with your followers and keep your brand persona alive, it's the chance to make sure that the experience you offer is the one that your customers miss most.

Keep engagement up

There are more active users than ever on social platforms with many people finding a little extra time on their hands, so it stands to reason that inactive accounts will fall behind during this time. Followers will dwindle and engagement will drop off, so it pays to stay active so that all that hard work you've put into your accounts isn't lost. Try to set and keep up a regular posting strategy that will ensure your numbers don't drop off.

Answer questions

You could well be receiving a deluge of questions during this time, many of which may not even have answers, however you might find it useful to set up an FAQ webpage to answer any queries you have. You could also set up a simple chatbot or auto-responder if you're getting a large number of messages on Facebook for example

What should I post?

Closed premises and furloughed staff, with no signal as to when things might return to normal, chances are your usual content plan has gone out the window- but there are still ways to keep your account active with regular content. In general you should be following the same rules as usual but keeping in mind the current climate.

Send out a positive message

Bills Restaurant Positive Vibes Social Media

It's fair to say there's not a lot of good news knocking around right now so people are looking for something to cheer them up and restore some faith in humanity. You could create a post highlighting something nice that's happening in your area, or even involving the company itself or staff members.

Offer escapism

Cooking With Clover

With no certainty as to when all this is likely to end, we're all dreaming about making plans to travel, eat out or even just link up with people again. We're all in need of a bit of escapism anywhere we can find it, so why not repost some of your best content as something for people to look forward to. This could be your most loved dish, the busiest night of the week at your venue or even your most popular member of staff.

Be useful

Greggs Useful Social Post Covid 19

During this outbreak with lockdown in place in countries all over the globe, it stands to reason that many people are finding themselves with a lot more time on their hands. Many are using this new found freedom for self improvement, whether that be exercise or learning a new skill. Do you have something to offer through your social channels? Perhaps you could create some cooking tutorials for example or recipes for your best cocktails, just be sure not to give too many secrets away!

Be entertaining

Common Bar Meme

As always on in the internet, people are looking for a good laugh and there is certainly plenty of material out there right now, the pandemic has caused a mountain of new memes. Be careful not to be offensive or target anyone with your posts but if you keep it light and laugh at the situation we're all in, this is a great time to connect with your followers through comedy.

Advertise any services still running

Are you still running a delivery service? Do you have new reduced opening times for takeaway? Or are you offering discounted vouchers people can buy and use once you've reopened? Social media platforms are a great way to get information out about your how you are still remaining active and also let customers know how they can help you through these tough times.

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