• Sowing the seeds of growth

Sowing the seeds of growth

Posted on 01/07/2013

In my Q1 newsletter, I briefly touched on the global challenges we are facing in the world agri-markets and how the price of potatoes has risen to levels not seen since 2006/7. As I write this, I have the latest potato prices on my desk in front of me, charts showing day prices of €360/tn for June, eye-watering but not surprising considering seed plantings were late this year.

My colleague, Jan Willem Peters, provides further details in our potato crop update on the latest crop situation with new season plantings under progress.

Despite high prices, the UK's appetite for potato based products continues to grow. We are seeing growth in value and volume in retail and the out-of-home market (OOH). As I continue to visit our loyal trading partners and potential clients, I have come to realise that the despite all the economic headwinds, successful businesses have a common trait - they know how to treat their staff because they recognise that they can, in turn, increase value in the products and services they deliver. We need to collaborate at a deeper level to translate consumer needs and wants into more meaningful and tangible outputs; these could be enriched products, faster delivery times, developing food concepts, improved packaging and so on.

Organisations doing this successfully are growing their market shares and profitability in the OOH and retail markets.
As one of the leading potato processors, Aviko wants to ensure we both inspire and provide our trading partners and prospective clients with even more reasons to work with us. We are open to greater collaboration with all partners in the supply chain as long as it is benefits all. I strongly believe that by working more closely together, we can take on today's challenges head on and sow the seeds for growth in the future.

I trust you will find the Q2 newsletter informative and I am always happy to receive any feedback, suggestions or ideas so please feel free to get in touch with me directly at or through our customer service centre at

Mohammed Essa
General Manager
Aviko UK