• Summer of sharing!

Summer of sharing!

Posted on 15/04/2013

Five top tips for sharing platters With summer just around the corner, sharing platters are a must-have on any menu. Recent research from Horizons* shows an increase in popularity for sharing platters. Your guests will be looking for snacks to keep them going during the long, hot summer days and you will be looking to make the most of those busy times.

At Aviko we offer a range of tasty products to turn any sharing platter into a winner. All products are frozen, can be either prepared in the oven or deep fat fryer and are easily portionable. Giving you maximum profits whilst helping you control your costs.

Our top tips for sharing platters:
1. Pick 'n' mix
To give your guest the freedom to choose their favourite snacks, why not offer them a 'Pick 'n' Mix' list? This is a great way to create custom made sharing platters for a fixed price.

2. Veggie
Sharing platters are a great way to introduce vegetarian items on your menu. Think about Aviko's Beer Battered Onion Rings, Garlic & Herb Wedges or Mozzarella Fingers.

3. Home made look
For even more variety on your menu, add some home-made dips to go with sharing items. Dips can be prepared in advance, leaving you prepared to serve lots of hungry sports fans at the same time. Visit the recipe page on this website for some tasty ideas.

4. Be creative in the presentation
Plant pots, trowels, chunky chopping boards and mini frying baskets all are eye catching ways to present a sharing platter.

5. Variety
To make sure everyone is happy, offer plenty of variety on the sharing platter - include meat, fish, vegetable, cheese and potato based snacks.

*Source: Horizon Menurama April 2013