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Summer of Sport

Posted on 29/06/2016

With a summer of sport stretching ahead of us, it’s important for operators to maximise the profit opportunity available to them. Hand held bites are the key – whether that’s in an on-the-go format at sporting events and venues, or as part of a sharing platter or snack menu in pubs and bars.

Chips are undoubtedly favourites and will always prove a popular and profitable option - they account for a massive 73% of the servings of potato products in the foodservice market* - but it's not 'one size fits all' when it comes to fries. With more premium styles of fries making their way onto menus, operators are able to cater for a wide range of tastes, and increase their profit potential.

Our range of Premium Fries - including Superlongs, Sweet Potato Fries and Supercrunch - has been developed to offer operators a variety of commercial benefits, and their customers a wider choice.

Although profitable for operators, choosing the right product can often be confusing and time consuming. To support caterers, Aviko has created a 'Find Your Perfect Fry' decision tree offering a fun and interactive way to find the right fry for your menu.

We've also created a handy plate fill calculator to help operators trade up their fries and profit in the process. The easy-to-use online tool generates recommendations based on your current turnover of regular fries and predicted turnover if you made the switch to Aviko's Premium Fries range.

There is also an opportunity to upsell a portion of fries with additional toppings  which can be priced at a premium but with minimal cost to the operators. A quick and easy way of doing this is by pairing Aviko's Premium Fries with Schwartz Chip Seasoning from McCormick Flavour Solutions - by doing this, operators could generate up to 87% profit per portion of fries*! It's a win-win situation; caterers can charge 48p more for a serving of our Premium Fries versus regular chips, plus 25p extra for adding Chip Seasoning - that's over 70p more per portion.

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* Potato Council