• The conversation of casual dining

The conversation of casual dining

Posted on 14/04/2013

The boundaries between restaurants and fast food are rapidly blurring. The gap that once existed between a quick burger on-the-go and a sit-down restaurant meal is now filled by the phenomenon of ‘casual dining’. And, I think it is safe to say - casual dining is here to stay.

It's the best of both worlds - trendy and, in general, reasonably healthy food served quickly and at an affordable price. What's not to like? Casual dining outlets are becoming widespread throughout the country and it's not just their value for money and relaxed dining atmosphere that makes them so successful - but rather an adoption of clever and community marketing tactics.

The casual dining concept engages entire communities of people by offering meal deals and freebies. And the conversation doesn't stop there. These offers also enable outlets to make contact with their customers on a daily basis. The more traditional, mainstream media routes are often deemed too expensive for small chains and independents, but more importantly, they don't address or reach their diners in the same way social media does.

By using local networks and knowledge, independent caterers and small chains have as much of a chance of pulling in guests from the cold, as the big chains with their equally-sized marketing budgets.
Shouldn't every brand or company aspire to have an open dialogue with their target audience? Hearing the good, the bad and the ugly, allows for timely adjustments to your brand strategy and keeps your customers' needs at the forefront of discussion.

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