• The goodness of potato

The goodness of potato

Posted on 15/04/2013

Potatoes are much lower in calories than rice or pasta Potatoes, not only the ultimate comfort food (what could possibly be more heart warming than a bowl of steamy mash?), but also full of goodness. They are packed with fibre and vitamins. Did you know that a 200g portion of steamed potatoes contains 20% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C and 19% of vitamin B6?

Now compare that to rice or pasta. Neither of which contain vitamin C and they only contain 3% of your GDA of vitamin B6. Also good to know, potatoes are much lower in calories than rice or pasta. With obesity levels soaring and more consumers on the look-out for healthy options when eating out, potatoes are a must-have on any menu. Whether you run a pub or are looking to cater for hundreds of hungry pupils or students, Aviko's Steam & Fresh potato range is a great starting point.

Any of our steamed potato products can easily be turned into tasty and healthy dishes. And - by serving potatoes - you are also doing your bit to reduce water usage. Potatoes are an efficient crop, requiring 287 litres of water per kilogram harvested. That sounds a lot, but isn't that bad - compared to 2497 litres for rice or the 15415 litres of water required for a kilogram of beef.