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Trade Up With Aviko

Posted on 18/11/2015

When it comes to fries, it’s no longer ‘one size fits all’. In recent years we have seen the emergence of more premium styles of fries that cater for a wide range of tastes – whether it is for longer, crunchier, healthier or more rustic variations. Each style not only offers variety to consumers but, importantly, also offers different commercial benefits to operators.

With the demand for chips showing no sign of waning - they account for a massive 73% of the servings of potato products in the foodservice market* - it's essential to ensure you're maximising profits every way you can.

Our Premium Fries have been developed to provide a variety of chips to meet operational needs and offer consumers tempting variations. From plate fill and holding time to meeting the demand for gluten-free, we've got it covered with fantastic tasting potato products including Superlongs, Sweet Potato Fries and our now upgraded Supercrunch range.

As catering supplier to the foodservice industry, we strive to support operators in every way we can, which is why we've created a handy plate fill calculator driving awareness of the profit opportunity available if you trade up your fries. The easy-to-use online tool generates recommendations based on your current turnover of regular fries and predicted turnover if you made the switch to Aviko's Superlong, Supercrunch or Sweet Potato Fries.

Simply click on the variant of fry you want to compare before inputting how many portions you serve on average per day and at what price. The calculator will then work out how much you should be selling Aviko's fries for and how that increases profits.

Click here to try it for yourself.

Don't forget to check out our recipe page for inspiration on how you can refresh your menus, and contact the sales team on 0800 633 5611 to request your free sample.

* Potato Council