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Vegan Takeaway Recipe Ideas

Posted on 21/04/2020

Meat-free is a trend that looks here to stay. With more people turning vegan, vegetarian, and flexitarian for reasons such as health, animal welfare, and the environment; providing customers with delicious and distinctive vegan and meat-free options has never been more important.

Vegan Stats

We've written a number of articles about the rise of veganism and the meat-free evolution, particularly with generation Z and beyond. Younger people want to eat healthily, and to be kind to the environment and as a result, people's eating habits are changing. Yes, meat is still a big deal and always will be, but the number of people seeking meat alternatives for their Friday night takeaway is increasing every year and it is now a profitable way to attract new customers and please existing ones.

Fast-food Vegan & Meat-Free Ideas

Our resident foodie, Tim, has created several easy to make vegan burger and dirty dog recipes that are ideal for fast food, casual dining and pubs and restaurants. They all use low cost ingredients, can be made in batches and are quick to cook on the grill or frying pan.

Mexican Bean & Tortilla Vegan Burger Recipe


This vegan-friendly burger has a great texture and superb taste, plus you can indulge spice lovers by adding extra heat to the recipe.

Mexican Vegan Burger Recipe

Mushroom, Walnut & Bean Vegan Burger Recipe


This vegan-friendly burger is really meat-like and a great tasting and profitable alternative to some of the well-known fake meat brands.

Mushroom & Walnut Vegan Burger Recipe

Falafel Style Chickpea Vegan Burger Recipe


This vegan-friendly burger is like falafel in style. It is guaranteed to satisfy hunger with its rich flavours.

Chickpea Vegan Burger Recipe

Vegan Dirty Dogs Recipe


This vegan-friendly veggie sausage is a distinctive and tasty alternative to its meaty cousin. Made with beetroot and lentils, the colour and taste are very distinctive and work really well with traditional hotdog toppings.

Vegan Dirty Dog Recipe

Not got time to make your own vegan burgers?

Aviko -vegan -burger

Don't worry, Aviko have you covered. We have a range of vegan and meat-free burgers, sides and appetisers to satisfy those customers who want to eat something meat-free.

Check out our appetisers range

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